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Ohhhh I really love it when people make bags from my patterns and sell them in their shops or at craft markets etc! I really don't understand why it is that some people put restrictions on the use of their patterns and don't allow people to sell items made from their patterns. I personally think it is GREAT! WOW! Someone likes MY patterns enough to put THEIR energy into making them up to offer to OTHER people to enjoy! What... Read more →

Did you see the gorgeous fabric from Fabric Garden in my last post? Well now I am going to share with you what I have in store for that fabric! :) Just a short little while ago a most welcome email popped into my inbox.....It was from Catherine, the editor of Homespun Magazine! Now here is the EXCITING bit.........she had stumbled across my blog, liked my designs AND sooooo....she has invited ME to make a bag pattern for publication in... Read more →

One of the BEST things I love about shopping via the internet is the variety of great bag making stuff I can find.....Not least of all is the FABRIC choices out there....BUT....ohhhh sometimes the WAITING can just about drive me BATTY! Especially since I am in Australia and a lot of my great finds and especially designer fabrics, are in other I have to endure WEEKS of WAITING! BUTTT.....I have just discovered a great new online fabric store, Fabric... Read more →

UPDATE: I have heard on the grape vine that a few people living in cold, snowy countries have had issues with the ink re-appearing when their bags get really cold, for example left in a cold car etc...Apparently the ink is temperature sensitive so disappears with heat BUT can reappear in cold temperatures. Being in Australia, I haven't had that issue as it never really gets that cold here (Although it feels COLD to ME! LOLLL) BUT I thought I... Read more →

While rummaging around in one of my cupboards which I rarely get to rummage in because I have to stand on a ladder....I came across a box of goodies I have kept since my childhood and haven't even looked in for at least the last decade! Ahhhh the memories!!! How funny it is to look at these things again that I once held so dear to me! Tattered bits of faded paper with stories I composed as a child and... Read more →

Today I just had to share with you some photos of some gorgeous Evelyn's made by Natasha of CAB Co. Designs..... Natasha chose some fabric from the Joel Dewberry Heirloom Collection.....Just take a look at this GORGEOUS Evelyn: Evelyn in Joel Dewberry fabric! and here is the back of Evelyn: The back of Evelyn and another from the Joel Dewberry Collection: Another Evelyn by Natasha of CAB Co. Designs and this one she custom made for one of her customers... Read more →

Well....I know it has been a while since I posted...and what is more, I don't even have any good excuses....Time escapes matter how fast I chase after it, it always disappears on me before I can GRAB some of it!! .....BUT today I just HAD to post and share with you! A while back I received an email from a lovely lady named Lorraine Slavkovsky from Richmond Heights, OH .....asking me if I mind if she used my Coco... Read more →