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Interfacing/Stabiliser Alternatives!


Ahhh the dreaded Interfacing/stabiliser topic again! LOL One of the most common queries I receive from fellow bag makers purchasing my patterns, is which interfacings/stabilisers can I suggest as an alternative to the ones I have used in my patterns. Mostly because the ones I have used are not available to them or where I am not specific enough as to which ones are suitable. (Like when I say “Medium weight interfacing”)

So I have put together a guide of alternative products which I hope you will find helpful!

Note while NOT identical products, the weight and hand of these products are similar to those I use so you should achieve results similar to that which would be achieved using the products I have used! :)

You can download this handy PDF guide by clicking here!

PLUS I now have a video in which I share my favourite Interfacings and Stabilisers: