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June 2011

At long last! My latest pattern! Olivia! Special thanks to Naomi for suggesting a name for her! I really struggle with that part and I would still be sitting, stewing over a name if it wasn't for Naomi's suggestion! I love it! Suits her perfectly, don't you think? Olivia is my most Advanced pattern to date and there is lots to learn from her construction. Don't let that frighten you though, because the instructions are VERY comprehensive and well photographed... Read more → most of my patterns are more like sewing/bag making lessons than a conventional pattern, with LOADS of photos to help you make your bag. This usually means LOTS and LOTS of pages to print which can consume a LOT of ink! SOoooooo to make things easier and more economical on your ink supply, ALL patterns now come bundled with a "TEXT ONLY" version of the instructions! WOOHOO...this means you only need to simply print out the pattern pieces and... Read more →