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Don't you just LOVE IT when the sun is is not too hot and not too cold and you have NOTHING else that HAS to be done (OK....nothing that cannot wait! LOL) ...Nobody else is home except your pets and you can just work away at your current craft project WITHOUT interruptions AND without a guilty conscious because there is NOBODY around to remind you of the PILE of other stuff you 'should' be doing! "Stuff"....what "Stuff"??? WHO cares... Read more →

WOW! It is SUCH a BUZZ for me when someone makes a bag from one of my patterns and shares the photos with me BUT it is especially FUN to see it up for grabs in an Etsy Store! Julie Walker of Carry A Cute Bag has just listed her version of Evelyn for sale in her Etsy Store! Here's a peek: Isn't it just divine?? I love it....Julie has done a fabulous job, don't you agree? Just look closely... Read more →

Printing PDF Patterns!

People have often emailed me, hesitant to try their first PDF pattern due to worries about printing..... Common concerns being that either their printer won't print on the size paper required or they will have problems with scale. It really isn't complicated or difficult though and most people will find they have no issues at all! BUT to make things easier, all of my patterns come with instructions on how to print PLUS test squares so you can double check... Read more →