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Once you've started using Rivets and realise how wonderful and versatile they are, you will be rivetting all over the place! LOL! They are GREAT to use particularly when you are making straps for your bags and have too many layers for your sewing machine to handle....just reach for the rivets! Tools and requirements: *You will need Rivets (Of course!) and there are different types and sizes of rivets but the ones I am using here are commonly referred to... Read more →

Soooo many times I get asked "What is Fleece" ..."What is it used I need interfacing?" Etc etc. For some reason just the mere mention of interfacing and Fleece (also known as pellon and wadding) can make the strongest person go weak at the knees! Interfacing is available as both sew-in and fusible and available in different weights (thicknesses) and gives support & structure to your bags and wether you use it or not depends on the weight of... Read more →

One of the HARDEST things me for me is thinking up new names for my bags/patterns.....When I made bears and bear patterns, I had the same problem! Just WHAT shall I name them? Dreaming up ideas for the bag designs is EASY.....If ONLY naming them was just as easy! LOL! I draw a blank every time! Sometimes I mull over a name for hours and days and still cannot decide on an appropriate name! Why is it sooooo hard I... Read more →

Last Friday morning was just a typical morning. RUSH RUSH and STILL the kids missed the bus (Yes...that IS typical! LOL) I drove them to school. On the way, we drive past my parents place.....normally I would stop in and say 'hi, how ya doin' on my way home. This particular Friday morning, as I approach my parents place, I spot my dad standing in the garden, basking in the warm glow of the sun in a nice sunny... Read more →