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Here is a simple but handy little tutorial for you! So you want to make some bias tape BUT you haven't got a bias tape maker? Well, here is an easy way to make your own tape in a pinch! Step 1) Cut your fabric! Bias tape is cut "on the bias" meaning diagonal to the selvedges of the fabric. First you will need to figure out how wide your fabric strips need to be. You will need your strips... Read more →

Emma PDF Pattern RATED BASIC it is! The Emma shoulder bag pattern! Designed primarily by my daughter Emma (hence the name! Original, eh? LOL)....compiled and made available to you by yours truely! Tested by my wonderful pattern testers, Lotta and Maria...without whoms help I would be still peering over my typing, searching for errors! Have you ever noticed that the more you stare at something, the less you see? Well....that is how it is for me sometimes! (Pity that... Read more →

The EMMA shoulder bag Pattern! The design is more my daughters (Emma, hence the bags name is ‘Emma’ LOL)...than mine. She wanted a little ‘get about’ bag that she can just grab, pop in a few $$, her phone & ipod, sling it over her shoulder and go I thought why not make it into a pattern while I am at it! LOL! Mind you....she REFUSED to model it for the photo! I have to admit though, that I... Read more →

How to Install regular Magnetic Snaps Here I am going to show you how I installed a magnetic snap in my Evelyn Handbag! Of course you can install it in the same way to your choice of pattern! a) Taking my lining bag flap, on the right side of the flap I placed a back-plate from the magnetic snap set and using it as a template over the placement mark as per my pattern piece, I marked the two lines... Read more →

Sometimes it is hard to tell just by looking at a photo just WHICH patterns will suit your ability & experience. To help make the process a little easier when choosing one of my patterns, I have devised a rating System which is as follows: EASY - These patterns are super simple and suitable for a beginner. BASIC - These patterns are relatively quick and easy BUT assume some prior sewing knowledge. INTERMEDIATE - These patterns require a little more... Read more →

Just WHERE did you get that???

Well….I am often asked “Just WHERE do you get your bag hardware?”. While can find what you need quite easily online....more often than not you have to search for hours and shop in many different places or buy in quantities that you simply do not I have made it easy for you! I now stock hardware kits for all my patterns in my Etsy shop. If you don't see what you need, please contact me...sometimes I sell out... Read more →

Amy Backpack PDF Pattern PDF RATED BASIC At last I have my latest pattern finished! A special thank you to my wonderful pattern testers Lotta, Susan, Naomi and Stephanie! These ladies are WONDERFUL and help to ensure the pattern arrives to you as error free as possible! :) Amy in Amy Butler Fabric Features: The Amy backpack is both stylish and useful too! Even though overall it is relatively small, it is quite roomy with loads of pockets to keep... Read more →

Bella PDF Pattern RATED INTERMEDIATE Features: The Bella is not only practical BUT it's roomy & fun too with loads of pockets! Complete with two zippered pockets (One exterior at the back and one inside) to keep your valuables secure. Two elasticized exterior pockets for your phone or keys, 1 front exterior pocket, 3 additional inside pockets as well as a pen pocket. Talk about being super organised! Finished bag size = Approx. 31cm (12¼") X 25cm (10") X 10cm... Read more →

Evelyn PDf Pattern RATED INTERMEDIATE Features: The Evelyn is not only practical BUT stylish too! Complete with two zippered pockets (One exterior and one inside) to keep your valuables secure. Two elasticized exterior pockets for your phone or keys, 3 additional inside pockets as well as a pen pocket. With a little patience it is easy to make! Dress it up with some nice shiny rivets & bag feet or keep it simple! The choice is yours! Finished bag size... Read more →

Sew-in magnetic snaps are a fabulous when you want a closure that is concealed! They are simply a pair of flat magnets that are enclosed inside a plastic sleeve. You can sew them in place directly onto your bag fabric, in which case your stitching is visible OR you can install them like I will show you here and make them completely invisible! Great for all sorts of bags and super dooper in wallets too! TIP: Remember that even though... Read more →

Well....I am proud of myself...I did manage to get Amy's packpack finished in time for 'back to school'. The main bag is zippered and it has a large front zipper pocket as well which is big enough to hold a couple of exercise books - come to think of it, I wonder if exercise books are the same size the world over?....or are they like printing paper and a 'standard' size which is different dependant on where you are? LOLL.... Read more →