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Working on a pattern....

At the moment I am busy trying to get my latest pattern completed….a backpack! The prototype I am working on is going to be my daughters school backpack so all the more reason to get cracking and get the construction and photos for the pattern finished as she needs the backpack for back to SCHOOL in a week’s time and oh boy….look out if I haven’t got it done! LOLLLL So if I get the photos done….then not too far... Read more →

Ok so now I need to find out just how to post to my blog via email…soooo….here I am, testing it out! LOL! I am trying to post a pic of my cat Kenneth when he was a wee little kitten. (Do you know the movie “Denice The Menace”? Well…I call my cat “Kenneth the Menneth”….because HE is the ULTIMATE MENACE! He has to stick his nose into EVERYTHING and how I have managed to avoid stitching his PAW to... Read more →

My POOR Bella bag # 2 has been patiently waiting for hooks since a month BEFORE christmas! Today they have FINALLY arrived! My only thoughts are that they went on some sort of sight seeing trip along the way? LOLLLL So now all I have to do is CHARGE my camera batteries so I can take some NEW pics! Oh and I have added a cool button to the flap as well so new pics are definately in order......maybe tomorrow? Read more →