WOOP! I am so excited to introduce you to the Footloose Tote from the ChrisW Design Minimise to Maximise Collection. The Footloose Tote is a part of my Minimise to Maximise Video course collection. Designed to be super quick and easy, the Minimise Collection is not like an ordinary PDF pattern. Video Course INFO: The Footloose Tote from the Minimise to Maximise Collection, is presented as a Video Course, for those of you enjoy more visual help. I show you... Read more →

Hi Everyone, I am super excited to welcome back Dianna ....our awesome author of "Let’s Talk Top-stitching, With Dianna Leckner!" and "Creating Fabric Using Color Weaving - With Dianna Leckner!". Dianna has not only agreed to write some blog guest posts BUT she is also now a proud new member of our Admin team over in our Facebook Group. Welcome aboard the CWD team, Dianna, I am very proud and honored to have you join us! :) Dianna has an... Read more →

Hello everyone, Today I wanted to share with you something which might be exciting for those of you that are running an online business. As you may or may not know, Email marketing is still one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers, to help them to get to know you and your products or services. Perhaps surprising to some of you, many people still prefer not to indulge in Social Media but love to keep... Read more →

Today I am happy to share a guest post from one of our lovely Facebook Group members. Sonja recently won "People's Choice" in our 2020 Colour Challenge competition, which ran over in our Facebook Group. She made an Emma with a flap so gorgeous it blew everyone away! WOOP! Today she is sharing her method on how to make the flap. Over to you Sonja: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Everyone! I am so honored to have been asked to write this tutorial... Read more →

So testing The Strapfield Convertible was a little bit of a muddle fuddle and not all testers were able to finish by the tight schedule which I set myself and them! So today I would like to share the remaining tester photos with you! First up we have Sue of Dreamscape Studio with her fabulous Small Strapfield Convertible: Pamela of Bag a Vaughan also made a Small Strapfield Convertible: Tiina made a Large Strapfield Convertible: Last up but definitely not... Read more →

Well....its been a hard slog BUT finally I am ready to release my latest pattern and video course, The Strapfield Convertible! FEATURES: The Strapfield Convertible is a super versatile design which converts from over the shoulder to backpack in one easy swoop. It’s also super easy to convert from backpack or shoulder bag to a cross body bag too! Sporting loads of pocket options, you can choose from one main Front Slip Pocket or divide it into two, and even... Read more →

Hi Everyone, WOOP! What FUN we are having over in our Facebook Group Event. We are running a Colour Challenge this month, headed and organised by our lovely admin Marsha, and while it has already started, there is still plenty of time for you to join in! (Check the pinned post in the group for the link to the event!) COLOUR CHALLENGE 2020 Classic Blue, Pantone 19-4052 #COLOUR2020 <--- colour with a U. We would love to see what CWD... Read more →

It only happens once a year! ChrisW Designs BIGGEST sale of the year! Yay! Everyone who follows CWD knows that my sales are rare. So if YOU have been eyeing off some CWD patterns NOW is the time to save yourself some serious dollars and grab a BARGAIN or 10! No Code Needed! THE Sale is running from Black Friday 29th November through to Midnight Cyber Monday 2nd December 2019.....and guess what? As Australia's clock is ahead of many countries,... Read more →

WOW! What can I say? There were SOOOOO many wonderful entries into our FUN Upcycling challenge! The great part about Upcycling is that it's not only cheap BUT you get to use something that would otherwise be discarded, so its great for our planet as well as our pockets! Well honestly I really wanted to choose EVERYONE's bags as a winner BUT alas....I had to force myself to stick with only one winner and two runners up.....so....without further procrastination on... Read more →

FLASH FUN! October Upcycle Challenge! I've seen a lot of upcycling lately......So I thought it would be FUN to have an Upcycling Challenge! Sooooo for the rest of October I challenge everyone to make something NEW from something OLD using a CWD pattern! Simply make and share any upcycled bag from a CWD design (Can be modified to suit, as long as it is still visible that it originates from a CWD pattern) during the month of October and go... Read more →

WOOHOO! I've been working hard and am SO happy to finally introduce you to The Upgrader PDF Pattern and Video Course. FEATURES: The Upgrader comes with two sizes to choose from. The small is the perfect sized handbag for a day out shopping where you don’t need to carry a ton of paraphernalia. The larger size is perfect if you like to carry a lot of extra things in your handbag. The Upgrader features a front slip pocket (perfect for... Read more →

Hello everyone, For those of you that have The Podium and have just been filing it for 'one day' now is the time to drag it out of hiding! Laura, our wonderful Facebook angel is sewing a Podium and while she is at it, running an unofficial sew along....maybe if she gets enough interest and we all tell her how wonderful she is, she may do some official sew alongs for us too! Wouldn't that be wonderful! :) Dianne's Podium... Read more →