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Well......this brings us to the last interview for 2013! WOW....I must say I cannot believe another year has almost passed! I feel like I have skipped over half of it somewhere.....I must have been asleep! LOLL Oh well....without further babbling from me, it is over to you Jane: When did you start designing patterns? In 2009 when I started selling my handmade bags. What led you to this path? I wanted to sell my bags at a designer craft market... Read more →

This week we have another fabulous Pattern Designer Interview for you! As I have had such a busy week, I am not even going to bore you at all with my chit chat .....(OK....sooo NO need to get out of your chair and jump with joy! LOL) it is straight over to you Sid! :) When did you start designing patterns? I’ve been designing my own patterns most of my life! I began by charting my own needlepoint patterns when... Read more →

One 'meets' many different types of people on the internet.......But one of the things I enjoy most is meeting someone with a great sense of humour and when you take a little time to chat with Henrietta, you soon discover she has that quality .....along with being one of the most helpful and friendly people I have met! So without further delay, it is over to you Henrietta: When did you start designing patterns? I have been sewing purse patterns... Read more →

Gosh......Is it really less than six weeks until Christmas?? Why is it that every year I am one of those ninnies running around at the last minute in a panic, trying to do my Christmas shopping or sewing until the wee hours of Christmas morning? Every year I tell myself I am going to do be organised early....Maybe this year I will be?? LOLLL.... Either way....I don't want to think about it....not yet anyway! LOLL Lets go straight to the... Read more →

Some people's creativity simply blows me away! You know....the type of person that seems to be great at EVERYTHING they do....crafts, sewing, pattern making, decorating....blogging, you name it! (WHERE was I when all these talents were being handed out? I must have been hiding somewhere waaaayyy out the back of Burke!)..... Anyway......My next interviewee may not have a lot to say BUT she sure has a lot to show! Melissa Mortenson's blog, Polkadot Chair, is one you do NOT want... Read more →

WOW...another week has flown by! It seems more like a month since the last Interview as I've had a really eventful week with my eldest daughter moving out of home and into her first flat! Helping her move and get settled into her new home has been quite an emotionally draining experience that she is settled, hopefully I will have more time for ME and my sewing? We shall see! LOLLLL Meanwhile...I would like to introduce to you a... Read more →

Unfortunately I only ever met one of my grandma's and only for a few short weeks when I was eight, as they lived in another country! I really think my own kids are truly lucky to have at least one set of their grandparents in their lives on a regular basis....They enrich their lives in so many ways.....I feel sad that I never really got to know mine! Our next interviewee’s grandma did a great job inspiring and I... Read more →

Apart from the absolutely gorgeous bag designs my next interviewee has in her range; I have to say I really admire the energy of this fabulous Lady and I feel really privileged that she has taken time out of her busy schedule to do this interview with me! It never ceases to amaze me just what she is able to accomplish and just HOW she manages to put out so many great patterns in such a short amount of time,... Read more →

Oh I have to admit I am pleased I am not the only one who enjoys the company of their cat (or cats! LOL) while sewing! They are so wonderful to have around, most of the time! They are mostly quiet....I say mostly because my cat MEOWS rather LOUDLY when he wants food....which seems to be every hour of the day (and night! LOL)....for a small cat, he has a mighty ferocious appetite! Mind you....I am NOT happy about the... Read more →

This week, as promised, we have another fabulous Pattern Designer Interview! Today I have great pleasure in introducing you to Gail Seymour! Just wait until you see Gail's awesome office/sewing space! Oh I hope mine will be so well organised when I finally get my space to myself! Mind you, I wonder if it is always as tidy as it is in the photos? thing is for sure, mine won't be! LOLL Oh and Gail has an impressive range of... Read more →

Today's interview is with a designer whose work I admire! Janelle Mackay of Emmaline Bags! Janelle Mackay I can honestly say that I have great pleasure in bringing this interview to you because Janelle's patterns are FABULOUS to say the least! I know because I have tried one of Janelle's patterns for myself, The Necessary Clutch Wallet. Janelle is also a very helpful and friendly person too! Anyway....rather than having ME ramble on, it is over to you Janelle: When... Read more →

Welcome to our new series of Pattern Designer and Sewist Interviews! Ohhh I think this is going to be so much FUN! Each Thursday I will bring you another Interview...... One week we will feature a Pattern Designer and the next week we will feature a Sewist! This week we are kicking off the series with a Pattern Designer Interview. I would like to introduce to you Samantha Hussey of Sewing Patterns by Mrs H. I first came across Samantha... Read more →