OK....so now it's on to part two of the Uptown Girl Sew Along! WOOHOO! Over to you, Ellen: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi I’m back... got 6 hours of sleep and I’m on it again. Now we left off finishing the Recessed Zipper. On to the Lining – Retrieve your lining pieces, I laid them right sides together and cut out the 2” square from the bottom corners. Put aside. Slip Pockets – You can follow the pattern or I do mine slightly... Read more →

Hello everyone! Yes, it's Sew Along time again! We are slowly but surely working our way through all of the patterns and yes...there are still quite a few to go but for this one, Ellen has chosen the Uptown Girl. Features: The Uptown Girl is a perfect bag for a day out on the town. This bag may have a minimalist appearance on the exterior, with two slip pockets on the sides for your phone or keys; however, inside you... Read more →

Yes....it's almost sew along time again! This time, Ellen has chose the Uptown Girl! While the Uptown Girl pattern focusses mainly on making the bag using Pleather, (Faux Leather, Vinyl or even real Leather included) the bag makes up beautifully in fabrics too! So do feel free to chose your favourite fabrics or why not be brave and give the Pleather a whirl! You Will Need: Exterior fabric: 45 cm (½ yard) of 112cm (44”) wide fabric Piece of contrast... Read more →

Yes.....I've been busy.....BUT doing just what is something I cannot share with you....just yet....SOON though, I promise! ;) So keep your eyes peeled...... Meanwhile, something I CAN share with you, is our NEW Facebook Sell & Sell group! Run by our super talented Sew Along chief, Ellen. The group is there for both Buyers AND Sellers so whether you have something ChrisW designed you wish to sell OR you are looking to save yourself some time and buy something already... Read more →

YAY it's time for another sew along! Have you been wanting to make a wallet BUT are too scared to try because they look like they would be hard to make? Well Brandt's Boulevard from the new Easy Street Sew & Sell range may be the perfect answer for you! Just fabulous to whip up for yourself, for a friend or two or to sell at the markets or in an Etsy store. OK....so I sound like an advertisment! LOL... Read more →

Yes....it's time for a NEW pattern release! This one is another Easy Street Sew & Sell pattern, Chloe's Court Clutch. Chloe’s Court is a cute, modern flat style, quick and easy clutch project that you can whip up in a day. It has 4 card slots and a slip pocket in the main zippered compartment. Plus another exterior slip pocket which closes with a magnetic snap which will hold an iPhone 6 Plus or larger phone and other paraphernalia. Make... Read more →

Welcome to the first post in our new series of bag making tips, brought to you each month by Dianna Leckner! I am so happy to be able to present these tips to you here on the Blog. Dianna is an awesome sewist and avid bag maker with loads of wisdom to share! She previously shared her tutorial on Creating Fabric Using Colour Weaving, here on the blog and it has been a big hit! Each month she is going... Read more →

Hello to all 2016 Bag of the Month Club members! We are pleased to announce that the prizes have all been organized for this years contest and we are proud to tell you that our amazing sponsors have been very generous and we are lucky to be able to provide 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place prizes for each of the 6 bag designs, as well as 12 randomly drawn prizes. How awesome is that! Lets take a look at... Read more →

YAY.....hopefully we have all recovered from the celebrations of Christmas and new Year and are ready to rock with our first sew Along for the New Year! First up this year we have the Amy Backpack. It's perfect for preschoolers and smaller children however my daughter also used it in her first couple of years in high school too.... Amy may not be gigantic BUT she is loaded with features! Complete with a large front exterior zippered pocket, an elastic... Read more →

So by now I hope everyone has recovered from the silly season and are all ready for a sew along? Well Ellen has been busy preparing one of her beaut blog sew alongs, this time it's the Amy Backpack....just in time for new Aussie pre-schoolers, kindies and primary kids starting the new school year. PLUS, to celebrate the New Year and all the awesome sew alongs ahead of us, you can grab the pattern from my Craftsy shop right up... Read more →

I am guessing everyone is busy busy finishing off their Christmas gifts right now? Just in case you are whipping up a last minute Abby's Alley and happen to have grabbed some pre-made leather straps to finish her off, with I thought it was a good time to share this tutorial written by Pat, on how to attach them! You have to admit, they look very classy! :) So without any further delay...it's over to you, Pat: ATTACHING PRE-MADE LEATHER... Read more →

WOOHOO! Today Judith of Judith stitches is going to share her method of making alternative straps for Abby's Alley. Such a great alternative if you don't want to use rope! It's always such FUN to see what my testers get up to when they don't have the required supplies on hand! So lets find out how Judith made her straps.....Over to you Judith: Supplies used: * 2.5 yards of 1” wide cotton webbing - then cut in half lengthwise to... Read more →