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March Bag of the Month Club Bag - Out Now!

Butterfly Sling Purse - February's Bag of the Month! I am really cutting it fine this time! LOLLL BUT I did finish my Butterfly Sling Purse in Febuary AND it is a short month.... so the fact that I finished it on the second last day and only got to post about it in the last few hours or February, can be forgiven, right? 

February's Bag of the Month Club bag is Janelle's FABULOUS Butterfly Sling Purse! I had such a great time making this one up! Here's my version:


My version of the Butterfly Sling Purse!

Forgive my nighttime photography quality.....I can't put taking photos off until the light of tomorrow because tomorrow it s MARCH! Can you believe that? TWO whole months of the New Year gone already! 

Butterfly Sling Purse!

I love all the pockets and card slots.....It's a great little bag to 'sling' over my shoulder and go do some shopping! more fabric of course! LOLLL Who needs groceries.....

Purse Pockets
If you would like to join the Club, pop over here to find out more about it or jump straight to the signup page here! YES you can still join NOW and get January AND February's patterns as well as March's pattern which is about to pop into everybody's inboxes shortly! Oooooh and I cannot WAIT to see it! It's a bag (DUH! Of course!) by the wonderful Samantha of Sewing Patterns by Mrs H.....and I don't know anymore about it than you do! :0 RATS! The suspence is killing me! LOL

Happy Sewing!